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Spice Valley

Spice Valley, Eagley Brook Way, Bolton.



Visited Friday July 2010.


Member Ratings


Location                      ****

Food Presentation    *****

Food Quality               *****

Ambiance                    *****

Price                             *****

Service                         *****


Overall Average Rating     4.9 Stars. (Out of Five) 


(Picture above right, members eagerley await the fare).                                                                                                


Members visited the Spice Valley Restaurant situated in the Valley Lesuire Park Bolton. This restaurant and its authentic Indian cusine is regarded as one of the most popular by members in the curry club and a change of personel promted us to visit again. The visit was on Halloween and many members were participating in other festivities.Those that attended wondered if it would be trick or treat!!


On arrival 18 members which included two new members met in the lounge / bar area and  were shown by Geeta Kotecha the owners wife and restaurant Director to a long reserved table in the main restaurant. The restaurant was very busy with several hopefuls avoiding the trick or treaters and the new James Bond movie, by waiting for a table. 


Subhash and Geeta Kotecha the owners are pictured to the left with Jet and Steve.


Jet had negotiated a set meal of popadoms with chutney, mixed starters, and six dishes with rice and nan between four . A sweet of ice cream and coffee was also included in the price.



The meal started well with many crispy poppadoms and chutney followed by mixed starter of Sheek Kebab, Chicken Gulata, Aloo Bhonda and Vegetable Samosa .


Following these the main meal (pictured left) of Chicken Aftabi, Chicken Lahora, Lamb Sagwali, Veg Mazedar and AlooGobi Matar, all this was served six dishes to each table of four with plenty of pilau rice, plain rice and naan..


The food was very fresh cooked well and to a high standard, several members all commented that the set meal was an exellent choice as it had something for everyone.


The waiters offered refills of all the dishes and I noticed members ordering several portions of the exellent Lamb Sagwala, a medium dish cooked in spicy sauce with plenty of fresh spinach and corriander.


For the hot curry lovers on the middle table I noticed refills of the Chicken Lahori which was a hot curry cooked in a fiery tomato sauce with ginger chillies and coriander.


After the meal we produced the new score sheets but it would seem all the members agreed that the restaurant should be 5 star but we had to remove one mark as the premises were not located in Bury. Agreed scores are shown above.   


When the bill came the average cost including a £1.00 per head tip was £17.00 per person which considering the food quality was viewed by all the members to be excellent value.


It was decided by democratic decision to award this restaurant an average score of 4.9 stars out of 5. The restaurant was moved up two places and is now rated at number 3 in our top ten and we congratulate Spice Valley on gaining the coveted gold standard award.


Overall a very enjoyable evening with exellent food, lively conversation and the warmest of welcomes to our new members.


A  Halloween Night we can only descibe as Treat!!! 


For a map please see link below



The Lime Tree, Prestwich.

The Lime Tree, 



Visited Friday 25th February 2011.


Member Ratings   


Location                      *****                     

Food Presentation      ****   

Food Quality               *****

Food Choice               *****              

Ambiance                    *****

Price                           *****                   

Service                        *****

Overall Average Rating     Gold Standard


(Picture above right, the frontage of the restaurant). 


Over 26 members including 2 new members supported the club by chosing to pay a  visit to the Lime Tree Restaurant in Prestwich on the border of Bury.


Members met in the small but cosy bar area for a pre meal drink. Most of the talk was centred on the standard of the food we had on the previous visit to another restaurant which we have to say was a very mixed bag depending on where you sat.

The meal started with unlimited popadums quickly followed by a mixed selection of starters, one plate full for each guest. The starters included vegetable samosa,mushroom pakora, onion Bargee and salad  (Picture right).


The main meal soon followed with a large variety of meat and vegetarian dishes including Murgh Tangeer which was a spicy chicken tikka dish, Batt Shan Chicken and Rezalla chicken and lamb which was a very unusual sweet and sour dish (Picture Left ).


 Unfortunately for many, the chips were once again banned but, the usual culprit who we understand was on holiday, was not in attendance and the  indian fries failed to appear which we feel was a very odd coincidence.


The Executive Chef treated us to his signature dish Tandoori Indiana which was a very large spicy sizzler with lamb, chicken and vegetable spiced with a secret blend of cooked spices started in the Tandoor oven and finished off on the griddle.(Pic Below Right).


Of exceptional quality and taste in this restaurant was the naan bread which was cooked to perfection.


The vegetarian members were treated to some excellent dishes which included an excellent chana masalla, a perfect tarka dahl, mushroom rushdi and a very tasty vegetable paneer the quality of this was apparant to me when some members asked for a take out.


What was evident in this cooking and common to all the dishes including the naan bread was the complete absense of any excess oil or gee which the owner explained was a deliberate feature of all his restaurants dishes. This was apparantly acheived by requesting prospective chefs to cook at least ten dishes at interview followed by a tasting panel of his family, only chefs who passed this strict test were engaged. The executive chef told me he always ensured all the chefs actually cooked the fresh spices used which released the flavour into the dish.


Members were eager to score the restaurant there and then which, is reflected in the Gold Award and the position of number two in our top restaurant list (click here to see).


All the staff were polite and attentive and all members appreciated the excellent service provided ( staff with the manager centre pictured left). The price at £14.00 per person was agreed by all to be exellent.


Overall a very enjoyable evening with outstanding food, lively conversation and the warmest of welcomes to our new members pictured right enjoying the night.


For those who missed them I am sure the Indian Fries will return with Mr X, who was conspicous by his absence.


To see all of the photo's taken on the night please view our photo gallery.


For the link to The  Lime Tree Information pages please see our links page (click here for link)


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